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Read the letters of support and endorsements from community members, colleagues and friends of Julia.

Brenda Chandler - Vice President MINNCOR Industries

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Julia for over ten years since she applied and was selected for a position on our MINNCOR EMPLOY team. Her communication skills and genuineness were impressive during the interview and moreover, since working with her, I have been appreciative of her intelligence, passion, positive attitude, work ethic, sense of humor and strength, as well as her humility.

Her demonstrated interpersonal skills contribute to her ability to develop partnerships, network and maintain relationships. The work that Julia has been focused on the last couple of years is an indication of the passion that drives her to make a positive impact in the lives of Minnesotans. I am certain that Julia is not only qualified for this position, I believe she will be an asset for the District 622 School Board.

Julia’s drive and enthusiasm for bettering communities will not disappoint. Therefore, it is with great honor that I highly recommend the consideration of Julia Martens to serve in this position on the School Board.

Jeremiah Carter – MN DEED Supervisor

Being a proud parent of three great kids that all benefited greatly from their educational experiences in ISD 622, I am and will remain a very interested observer in the goings-on in our community and our school district. Please join me in voting for Julia Martens in the upcoming School Board election. As an at-large representative, Julia will personally reach out to many residents to hear their concerns and offer creative solutions.

I have known Julia for nearly 5 years and have found her to be caring, compassionate, intelligent, and willing to listen to all sides of an issue. Her tireless involvement in the community and her work with the MN Department of Corrections shows that she is a woman of service and integrity, who truly wants the best for the District. I can say with 100% confidence, she will serve the School Board with the same passion she exhibits in all of her endeavors.

Mary Beth Sevlie - Ramsey County Corrections (Retired)

I have known Julia Martens for over a decade and found her to be a self-starter with a passion for people and a drive to improve the lives of all she has dealings with. Julia has always worked with a diverse population. She is attune to race, culture, gender, age, ability and point of view. She has been able to build many bridges to get the work of a group done to the best outcome for all. She is open minded and able to engage in productive conversations that lead to an outcome that fits the situation and the needs of the group.

She has been involved with community groups that represent many sectors of the community from schools to small business, nonprofits and government. In her work in the Criminal Justice arena she was involved with the programming of youth that dealt with improving a youths ability to handle their own anger. She was also involved in implementing programming that required youth to go beyond themselves to recognize how their actions effect not only themselves but also the world around them.

While working with adults she worked to equip her clients with skills to enhance their communication and skill sets for the best outcome for them. She championed programming that encouraged people to learn new skill sets that could take them on a journey to better employment that would benefit themselves and the community at large.

These are some of the qualities that Julia Martens possesses that will lead her to being a good representative on the school board. She will be working for everyone in the district, youth, parents, teachers, staff, and administration will all be on her mind as she does her job for the community. Julia Martens will be an asset for the Independent School District 622 School Board.

Maria and Nathan Czaia – Neighbors and parents in ISD 622

We have been Julia's friends and neighbors for 5 years. She loves her town of Oakdale and has demonstrated an immense amount of knowledge and understanding about how important schools are to our community. From her role as a mother to her role in the correctional facilities she knows what can really set a person up for success. Seeing first-hand what can knock a person off a path helps her see what will help them stay on track.

She understands many different cultures and societal systems that we believe would make her an excellent addition to the board. We would be excited to see her doing her best to make the lives of our four children even brighter.

Elizabeth Wilder - Pastor of the Gethsemane Faith Community

I have been Pastor of Gethsemane Lutheran Church and School for two and a half years now. I have known Julia Martens for the time I have been here; her son was the first child I baptized here in Minnesota.I believe that Ms Martens would be an excellent choice for the board. In our congregation, have personally seen her in the role of educator and partnering community builder.

She has been an assistant confirmation teacher for two years, directing one of the break-out discussion groups. I am always amazed how she can keep a table of middle school boys active and engaged. She makes sure that all the students are participating, even drawing out the shy and quiet. She is intelligent herself, and she shares her knowledge and experiences with the kids. She has also been chosen to be a mentor to other students during our Lenten Wednesday night worship services. She always gets the curriculum work done with the students, but seasons it well with good humor.

I witnessed Ms Martens in a very different capacity last winter. She came to me with a brilliant idea on how to get our congregation partnered with her workplace. She works with an innovative program for rehabilitation and reentry for those who have served time. She and other colleagues designed a pop-up store which can travel around the community sharing artistic offerings of those incarcerated, called Making Things Right. We were able to partner with her team to host a holiday gift sale which raised over $1000 on one Sunday! Because of her impassioned speech and excellent storytelling during her Temple Talk that day, my congregation now feels connected to a community with which they have had almost no prior relationship. Ms. Martens was the inspired bridge-builder which made this possible.

Perhaps it is in working with prisoner rehabilitation which makes her so compassionate. Perhaps it is her skill as an educator and as a mother. I do know for certain that Ms Martens has a heart for her community. She wants to see all students succeed, for them to grow into their full potential, and for them to do well not only academically but also civically and personally. This is the kind of leadership that I believe is necessary in our community and in our schools right now.