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Thank You District 622 Voters!

I am humbled and honored to be elected to serve District 622’s students, families, educators, staff and communities. I am ready for the challenge to have conversations, ask questions, find the solutions needed to create a successful educational experience for our students.


Now is the time. We have to demonstrate and encourage acceptance and multicultural understanding for our youth. With these conversations, education, and support, our children will have a safer, more inclusive community. To create and hold the space for this to happen, we must start by having these conversations.

In viewing District 622’s mission and strategic plan, I found many of my own personal values--inclusion, diversity, continuous learning, family, community, and partnerships. Like the district, at the core of my mission is engaging and empowering students, staff, and the community. With your support, I am ready to stand up for these values on the District 622 School Board.

Union Endorsed